Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the apartment,curve

wao my blog has been abandoned for a week i think.ever since coll started i hardly hv that time to update bout myself here.and at times i've no topic to cover.lol.it's only when i went out to certain places or dinner wif frenz.hehe.yea yesterday which was a beautiful sunday,my hse had a party where all my relatives came and we had a small lantern festive party at my hse.since i jz moved not long ago,so everyone was so eager to visit.=) but i didnt attend my relatives and was spending time alone in my room on9 and tryin hard to read criminal law.as i've not done anything much over the weekends.nothin!and i regretted so much!now mon started and i've accumulated 2 weeks of homework to be done.sigh.time is sooo precious.

den at nite elsa called me up and we went for dinner.together wif my bf and one of her coursemate.forgotten his name.even his abbreviation.lol.elsa and i were super hyper even thou we did not take any alcoholic drinks dat nite.we chose this place called the apartment at the curve.the renovation was fantastic!it's sooo comfy and they hv beds.lol.obviously not for u to make use of it wif ur gfs but it's comfy.the food is okayy only i can say.i ordered dis fillet and they only put cheese and cherry tomatoes on top of dory.which i think my fried rice taste better than that.lol.thou i've nv fried any rice before.
it's now tues morning 2.30am im stil sitting here.jz finished my consti rough work.sigh,i hv got sooooo much to read.at times i reali wanna withdraw this course,like it's so not for me,soooo much to read till u reali cant believe it. a simple judgement has 50 over pages,and it's only ONE of the case already contained 50 pages.bet we dun study only one case rite.den assignments,presentations,the textbook itself already enuf of tearin every pieces of u off.grrr..i can make it!!reali gotta kick my ass off the lappy and relax lesser cos every work i accumulated each day is makin me even stressful the comin day.reali gotta be reaaaaal consistent in studyin.gambateh!

pics below were taken durin dinner wif elsa and babe and i-forgot-his-name:

claudia's -tell me i can cook better than this

binhau's green curry

elsa's pasta

i-forgot-his-name's sandwich
elsa and claudia
the apartment-comfy comfy bed

last but not least!

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